Edgewater Greyts

loving remembrance of Easton

Barb's simple remembrance of the shy girl who became the consummate ambassador dog for greyhound adoption (April 2006)


The neighborhood fossil dog who was cruelly snatched and killed at the age of 20. This is the poster honoring him afterwards. (April 2005)

A year of Jack!

My tribute to our year with Jack (March 2005)

Stavros' Letter to Knight

I wrote Knight to say how sorry I am that we have no more time left to be together. I want her to know how I will love her forever. (October 2004)


Missing our girl Frenchie who we only had for 19 months of her 12 ½ years (May 2004)

Tribute to Pixie

Tom's Aunt Yvonne wrote this tribute for Pixie (February 2004)

Link to "Tribute to Jenny"

Anne-Marie's lifelong friend, Nicky's sibling, and John's other paramour. Subject extraodinaire of "The Books of Jenny" (October 2002)

Sun E Day's Photo Album

A dedication to Jeanne and her Sun E Day (March 2002) - Jeanne is Tom's sister, and Sun E of course is family

Lucy and Her Greyts

Missing our sweet Lucy (December 2001)

Memorial to Marlboro Man

A dedication to Frankie and her Marlboro Man (September 2001) - Frankie being the foster mom of our three greyhounds, and a wonderful new friend

Tom's letter to Sam

A letter that Tom wrote after we said goodbye to Old Man Sam (May 1993)

~ ~ ~
letter from an angel

for all those whose lives were changed after being loved by a greyhound

Words of Comfort

A collection of pieces that have given us comfort during our time of loss

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