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Frenchie Zoo

got'cha 13 October 2002
Frenchie Zoo's genealogy

28 September 1991

17 May 2004

Our very first look at Frenchie

Frenchie came to us a fragile girl, uncertain of her new home, what was in store for her. All her earthly possessions were with her, wicker bed {which sadly now sits empty in my room}, and her "babies" those stuffed animals she so loved to carry so proudly and tenderly in her mouth. She loved to give kisses, the only one of the hounds that did.

She was a bounce back, a family didn't want her anymore after having her for nine years. "She was neurotic, she licked herself down to the bone, she had separation anxiety." These were the reasons given for giving her up. I was truly afraid of what we were getting ourselves into.

~ tom

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