I'll never forget when you came into our lives. You brought much joy and calmness with your presence. When you refused to walk on the linoleum floor or jump on the bed, we knew that you had to have had some learning. But you were certainly quick to take advantage of the softness of the bed, the couch, the chair, and most importantly our love. But what we gave to you, you gave back to us tenfold. You put up with the summer hair cuts, the nickname "Mr. T Dog" given to you by the neighbor kids because of the mohawk haircut, and you walked proudly even though you looked a little silly! You were our dog and more important we were your people! You owned us as much as we owned you.
     You were king of the house and never once complained when your throne was threatened by Lucy and then Missy. You accepted them as your own sisters and enjoyed their company when we weren't home.
     The many names you acquired during your eight and a half years with us will never be forgotten, Old Man Sam, Mojave Sam Dog (a description of your breed!), and Sammy Jo Spears (country and western singerdog)! All of which were given as an endearment to you.
     You weren't much of a looker as far as show dogs are concerned but you were the handsomest dog to us. Your funny coat of hair was one of great discussion but it was beautiful, soft and wispy like a lions mane.
     There were times you were a pain in the neck but who isn't? Your insistence when you thought it was time for a walk, your singing when you wanted a walk, which you continued even as you got older. You slowed down but you never lost that irresistible charm that made you our Sam.
     You loved the outdoors, laying in the sun soaking up the rays, watching always watching taking in everything with your wise old eyes. Going to the lake cottage with Grandma and Grandpa spending the days just watching the ducks and the waves. Lazing around the backyard at Huron taking time to lift your leg on the plants when we weren't looking (or you thought we weren't looking)! Trying hard to make friends with those obnoxious shepherds next door, and being best friends with Winslow and Dippy. Your fascination with cats, you never hurt them but you did love terrorizing them. These are just a few things that I remember of you, there are too many memories to catalogue but I think back on them now more than ever since you are gone.
     You are missed. Your gentleness, your wisdom, your kind and knowing face is all but a memory now, but it is a memory that will be carried with us till we meet you in heaven.

     My dog Sam.


May 1993

Tom Loves Old Man Sam