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Tribute to Jack

Tuesday, 8 March 2005

This past Sunday Jack took a seemingly minor fall while on a morning walk with me and Kimba. It was a warm sunny winter day. It would not have seemed to be such a big deal when Jack lost his balance except that when he ended his topple with his shoulder hitting the ground he let out a long hard scream.

We went from a day that started out to be a good happy day, to a day that ended with us saying goodbye. The bone in the leg he fell against had osteosarcoma, a horribly painful bone cancer, and that bone had a major fracture. There was just no fixing this except to give him our love and call Dr. Shanan to our house once again. At the end we made Jack as comfortable as possible and let him enjoy as much of his favorite homemade treat as he wanted. Jack closed his eyes for the last time at 10:40 pm Sunday, March 6, 2005, surrounded by love.

~  ~  ~

In celebration of the year that Jack has been with us I had been working on a set of web pages about that period. I had just completed it on the Friday before this happened. It is a bit irreverent but I have decided to leave it exactly as is. What better tribute could we make to Jack than to remember the laughter.


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