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Sunday, August 31, 2003

Peaceful Sunday.... 

Had a fairly relaxing day today. Got up went to church sang a pretty little solo, Bring them to me by A. Tindall. Came home changed clothes, talked with Dad and Mama on the phone, then had a delicious homegrown tomato sandwich with onion and a few low sodium tortilla chips. I then decided to take a short nap. Well......my short forty five minute nap turned into a two hour siesta!!! Must have needed it. Got up and found Stavros had taken care of the dogs so I didn't have to walk them. I ran to the grocery. Came home made Noodle Kugel for Stavros, then proceeded to start on dinner. This evening was quite a wonderful repast if I do say so myself. Rack of Lamb encrusted with fresh breadcrumbs, and Dijon Mustard with spices, New potatos browned in "I can't believe its not butter!" and Fasoulaki (greek green beans). For dessert we had the noodle kugel. After dinner the poochies needed a walk and both Stav and I were stuffed so we opted for a one blocker instead of the usual two . Now its getting close to bed time so will close for now. I too have made a mental camera of this day and will take out the image regularly to review this day.

WebCam PRIME! 

Today I set up another webcam using my laptop with the cracked screen for the sunroom, using a wireless connection. It works better than the first one I set up, and is EXACTLY where I want it for PRIME TIME viewing of the puppers at leisure. Course I may catch Tom asleep in one of the chairs, or at the piano...

Enjoying the laid back holiday weekend, as it's the first chance I've gotten to putter at a leisurely pace in a very looong time. Still doing the regular weekend chores, but there's time to breathe, to stop what I'm doing and snuggle whichever one of the puppers nuzzles into the crook of my arm. Right now the beauteous Dame Knight is laying on a dog bed next to me at the kitchen table, so content to be with, and I can just reach down and run my fingers against her side. Tom has the TV on for noise, and he's puttering at the counter making some kugel that I requested (something I've asked for for YEARS!).

The mental camera is rolling saving this peaceful instant in memory. I am    so very    lucky!

Friday, August 29, 2003

My first blog.... 

Well had an eventful day... Had a wonderful visit with our friend Emily as she visited us for just two days.... : ( I've been back to work for a full week after missing almost a week and a half. Hospitals are not so much fun and very very expensive! Luckily the insurance will be eating most of it. Fixed a delicious dinner consisting of Broiled Cod Fish with lemon pepper Mrs. Dash and Paprika, Curried potatoes and Cauliflower and pretty darn sweet sweet corn! I 'm getting used to this low sodium diet, its really no different than how I cooked before just no salt at the table. I do admit I miss it though.

Thursday, August 28, 2003

she came and she ate 

Well Emily arrived last night and Tom offered her his latest low sodium creation, which was spicy vinegar chicken with polenta. She loved it. I did too BTW and am finding that he's managing to cook just as tasty as ever. I probably should put his what's for dinner page back up because I don't think the sodium issue is holding him back.

Now if he'd only get some more grains in there...

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

what to do what to do 

It really isn't obvious to me what to post on now that I've got this blog thing running..


Hello Emily and welcome to the 4 T's B & B whilst you are in hot hot Chicago. Hope your stay is as enjoyable as ever (even if we've gone low sodium).

Thursday, August 21, 2003

Nasty vulnerable microsoft OS wasting my time 

Finally getting to sit and take a break at work today - have spent the entire day so far running to peoples Windoze2000 PC's in the office to patch against ANOTHER virus - the Sobig virus. Had to drop everything else to do this, and I sure had plenty to do today to prepare for a meeting tomorrow morning with a user regarding a request of hers that is going to take some time.

It's HOT! outside. Weatherbug on my PC is showing 96° F, and I can see the pack at home all sacked out in the flop room in the air conditioning. What beautiful clever puppers!

Well, only 50 minutes to go and I get to leave.

just blogged on! 

just signed up (ithink) for this blogger thing. Hope I did it right.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Further update of blogger setup 

Added my own page formatting, styling, and asp code.

Update of blogger setup 

Test of minor changes

Initial post 

Today, after reading the article emailed me by andreas.com I thought I would check out blogger.

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