Edgewater Greyts - Kimba

We first saw Kimba probably the same time as we met Knight, in April 2001. She was very large as she was nursing puppies. I never ever saw her in any position but cockroached upside-down. Later when we were feeling the urge to "chip" (ya know, you can't just have one) we found out that her owner Huns wanted to retire Kimba to a good home as soon as she was able to leave her babies. Well, she certainly was a prize we were quick to snatch up.

Kimba's adoption snapshots saying goodbye to her youngest
Empress of all that she surveys Saying goodbye to her youngest
Greeting a grown son And now the joy of retirement
Kimba Madness Movie (732KB)

Foster mom Frankie's e-mail letter to Huns 9 August 2001

Her other pups: Snoopy

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