the foster

9 August 2001

Dear Huns,

Could you do me a favor and look inside the kennel and see if there is a dog named Kimba still there. I have a dog (fostering) that looks just like Kimba, ear number like Kimba, sleeps upside down like Kimba but other than stops there. The dog that I have is truly an architect at heart. So far she has built a dam, many skyscrapers and last night a truly remarkable condominimum all with toilet paper, pillows, tablecloth, comforters, shoes, placemats, area rugs, one candle (not lit), a green stuffed octopus, stuffed crab and my best friends purse. This morning she tried to add my laptop to the condominium but found it difficult to take down the stairs that she finds most amusing to run up and down. The skyscrapers and the condos are draped in white paper (toilet) that I personally have discovered has many sheets and thus can go a long way. This replica of Kimba stared at my best friends husband last night so intently that he actually got off the chaise chair and moved to the foot stool, which just seconds went by my foster removed the throws that were on the chaise and ever so smoothly dragged them across the room and added them to her condo and thus buried herself inside for a good nights sleep. Tonight, the camera will be focused and ready to go. I simply was in awe of all this new activity and did not want to disturb her creativity. Remember when you said she was a finicky eater and took a long time to eat, well that does not fit either....please check your kennel.

In conclusion, I am not sure that I have the dog that Huns said "she will be a piece of cake to foster." I have a dog that looks like our precious little Kimba but has taken on a whole new personality and if the energy is channeled in the right direction could make the funniest home video show and "Win." I am writing a whole new chapter in my book on fostering.


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