Edgewater Greyts

A year of Jack!

What a blessing! The old curmudgeon has been with Tom and me for a year now. And let me tell you, this greyhound is a work that is nothing short of incredible.

Jack is dauntless. Jack is nervy. Jack is boisterous. Jack is self-assured. Jack is a brat. Jack has his own mind. Jack has spunk. Jack has determination. Jack is a tough guy. Jack is a sweetheart. Jack is a gentle soul. Jack is a brat. Jack is a rough-and tumble boy's dog. Jack is intelligent. Jack is a smart-aleck. Jack is a brat. Jack is lazy. Jack doesn't listen. Jack could care less. Jack is incorrigible. Jack is insufferable. Jack has spirit. Jack is a brat!

Jack is the BEST! Jack lights up my day - every day - with a light that's brighter than the sun in the sky. He's got a big fire inside of him as hot as any passion for life I've seen. Ever.

That Jack!

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