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Thursday, March 12, 2009


My mind dances away, dances away. Not drawn like the moth to the flame, yet as unable to escape. Like the light of the candle it's there in this room of my life, and no matter where in the room I am I am always aware of it's light. Right now I'm shying away from it, knowing it would burn my eyes out if I look at it too closely, much like fearing to look at the sun straight on.

SurfRider is gone. I can say it, talk about it a little, but I'm not letting myself feel the impact of it. Thoughts briefly touch on it, and flit off. The feelings for my beautiful black boy that are the genesis of that flame I cannot look at. Even in this instant as I write this about him my thoughts dance away, instead focusing on the written word and not touching the feelings I'm writing about.

2/28/1997 - 2/9/2009

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