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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The years fly by 

It is now another 2½ years since I blogged. I have left huge gaps in the logging of the dogs in our household. I should make a stab at that.

Christmas week 2007 we welcomed Poppy as a foster in our house. Poppy was supposed to be temporary because we were already at our household limit of six dogs, but others from G.O. seemed to think that they shouldn't try to place her elsewhere. After a couple of months we knew that it would be brutal to uproot her again since she had settled herself in to our crew, which at that time consisted of SurfRider, Terri, Champ, Cents, Dime, Jake, and now Poppy.

Terri passed early in February 2008, and then we said goodbye to Champ 16 days after we said goodbye to Terri. February was not a good month.

We were going to adopt an old brood bitch named Star who had had some phenomenal record of pups, something like 51 pups. We ended up adopting Hillary and Squiggy because they were seniors from the same household and were going to be much harder to place. Their owner had been Larry McKeon, a former state representative, and when he passed it was obvious that the best thing for them would be to not separate them, having lived together for so long. Squiggy also needed constant medical attention. Hillary McKeon joined our household on July 12th, and Squiggy McKeon 10 days later. Again we were over our limit, now having seven dogs.

SurfRider passed in February 2009. February was not a good month.

We had to say goodbye to Hillary after less than nine months, in April 2009. This was rather unexpected and she's the youngest dog we've lost. We always thought that Squiggy would be the first to go, having been so severely ill. We ended up having Squiggy for another two years, and with time all signs that he had ever been ill had disappeared, including his IBD. Squiggy passed this year, in April, 2 weeks shy of his 12th birthday.

Poppy lived to the grand old age of 14 years, 2 months, and 10 days. She was the second oldest dog we've lost, after Kimba.

Two dogs joined our household in 2010. Chelle joined our crew January 2010, and she's the youngest we've ever brought home, at two years old. Chelle is deaf. Chelle was readily accepted by Cents, Dime, Jake, and Squiggy. It was to her advantage being a younger dog, and the older dogs all let her get away with so much. Rae joined our crew November 2010 when her former mom became ill and found herself unable to care for her dogs.

The current family consists of me, Tom, and our five dogs. Rae turned 12 in February, Jake will be 10 in November, Cents and Dime the twins turned nine in April, and Chelle turned three in January.

That's the dog log for the last few years. It's not much detail and hopefully I'll do something about that before another 2½ years go by.

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