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Friday, June 04, 2004

farewells to Frenchie 

The saturday before Frenchie died we had a small gathering at the house of some greyhound friends for dinner. It was Kimba's 12th birthday and even though Frenchie wasn't eating much at all we went ahead and had the gathering. We had an excellent turkey smoked on the grill and Lou's services were needed to carve it up.

We're glad that he completely cleaned off the carcass because during dinner Tom caught Jack settling down for a good chowdown on that carcass. That Jack - master food snatcher!

Dennis got to introduce Monty to Frankie and Audrey proved once and for all to Frankie that she really was a sweet girl. She was on her best behavior - soaking up the hugs and scritches from the people and not a single issue with the seven other hounds present. Way to go Dennis, Audrey and Monty! And I helped!

Everyone was very concerned about Frenchie. Frenchie planted herself on some comforters in the hallway between the kitchen and dining room. Frankie later told me that Frenchie watched everything - that her eyes never left us. A good time was had by all, even though I didn't think Frenchie was going to recover. I told Frankie as she was leaving to go say goodbye to Frenchie one more time, just in case...

The next day I was really concerned with how much weaker Frenchie was so I called the vet on duty and we agreed to try treating her with the Imizol since I thought there was a chance she could have gotten infected with babesia during dental care.

Really too late. She was barely with us when Tom got her to the vet. Red cells were being destroyed again, and now she was jaundiced.

I thought this vet visit was to change her treatment and it ended up being her last moments. I wasn't ready.

We received two condolence cards that were surprises. One was from Jack's first family who saw the posting about Frenchie passing here. They sent a couple of pictures of Frenchie that they took during their visit, and a couple of handsome pictures of young Royce (Jack) when he was young and didn't have the frosting on his face.

The other card was from Frenchie's first mom. I guess she realized that even though we didn't have "French" all the years she did, that we were still mourning her loss. She had absolutely no reason to send that card, and yet she did.

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