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Friday, January 23, 2004

so much on my mind and I haven't been writing it down 

Today I went and visited bintgoddess.com to check out the greyhounds in the webcam there. In perusing the site I encountered the weblog there and realized how lax I've been in posting here. This is especially surprising because of all the stuff that I've been finding out about Tick-Borne Diseases (TBDs); both Knight and SurfRider came up with positive titers for Babesia, albeit low. Now I WANT THESE TREATED! dammit, despite the reticence of my vet (because the titers are so low).

Well, Marla the vet is on vacation in the caribbean, but she has a sheaf of research that I've done waiting for her. This research strongly recommends that the "by the book" way of thinking of low titers is dead wrong because the range of TBD symptoms is so broad and often so vague, yet can have deadly consequences if left untreated. You don't want to also be treating for a TBD if a serious illness of any other kind occurs and the TBD flares up too.

Maybe more on that later.

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