Name: Terri
Sex: Female
Color: Fawn
Cat Tolerant: NO
Weight: 70 pounds
Height: 27"
Length: 46"
Birth Date: January, 1995
Retired from Racing: February, 2003
Raced at: Unknown
Reason Retired: Through having puppies
Special Needs Dog: Yes

Terri suffers from severe separation anxiety, and she will need to be placed with in a home where her people are either home often or have another large breed dog


Terri is a real sweetheart of a girl who has finished with her career having puppies. After years of looking after her baby greyhounds, she now needs someone to look after her! She is a very outgoing, people oriented girl. She is affectionate, and would probably do well with slightly older children. She has difficulty being left alone due to her separation anxiety.

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