Edgewater Greyts

"Pretty Boy"

I was enraptured with this handsome boy when I saw his page on the Greyhounds Only website early summer 2006, but knew that I had a full house with six greyhounds. Then comes August and I notice he still has an adoption page up - I thought he'd have been long gone. Well he's overly fond of the little critters, sooo.... but I investigated and found out that at least he was not in the kennel anymore but in a foster home.

Right when Kimba passed his foster mom Linda needed to find an alternate foster home while she went out of town for the Thanksgiving holiday. We volunteered and that ended that - he never left us. Sad to note that his 5th birthday was the same day Kimba passed, which makes that date both a sad and happy date. He moved in 10 days after as a foster and has been with us since.

Pretty Boy reminded me a little of Jack in that he favored Jack. That is part of how he got renamed to Jake. Typically we let our dogs keep the name they are comfortable with, but it would not be unusual for me to call SurfRider "pretty boy." Funny how if you are calling Jake and he doesn't see the point of coming he'll come anyway if you switch to "Pretty Boy."

He's the kind of self-assured alpha that doesn't need to make the point that he's an alpha. He's confident, he's protective of his pack and is willing to insert himself between whomever may be crying out and the object of their distress. Except me of course, but then he'll stay close and supervise.

He's a snuggler, and a big lap-baby.

He loves food. He loves food. He loves bully-sticks. He loves food. He will pick up and carry things, including food bowls, when he wants something. If he's hungry, there he is with a stuffy. If he wants out to the yard he'll start carrying something. And when he goes out to the yard he invariably carries something out there with him. Grrr.... and never brings it back in.

Jake's adoption page ~  Wilheteaseum's genealogy

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