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We like to travel when possible and have been to Jamaica, Cancun, New York, and Australia together. We hope to see some new places, and we also hope to return to Jamaica, Cancun, New York, and Australia. Definitely.

We like to eat out, we like to eat, we like to cook. A visit to our house is always a culinary adventure. You will get authentic Pennsylvania Dutch, Amish, Greek, Italian, Middle-eastern, Soul food, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Mexican, Cuban, to name a few. And you will get way too much to eat.

~  ~  ~

"Some friends come into our lives and quickly go. Some friends stay awhile and leave footprints on our hearts, And we are never the same."

~  ~  ~

We have seen friends come and go. We have seen many wonderful people pass on whose time on this earth so enriched our lives - they will forever be missed. We are also fortunate to have had a very few friends who have remained a part of our lives through the years as we've all seen each other grow old-er. and old-er. (You know who you are!)

Stavros was thin once upon a time. Tom once had a full head of hair. Once upon a time we would have had a fit if someone suggested we hire someone to do something that we could do ourselves, but now we've gotten picky about what we choose to do ourselves. All the rest? hire somebody.

Finally, every day we wake up and realize just how lucky we've been in each other, and in so many other things. We've been over the rainbow. We've experienced the forbidden planet. Together.

But then you'd have to have been there. Some of you were.

And this, our story, is a continuing one...