Links I Want Handy - Technical References

Wayne's Windows Administrator Support site...


Digital Photography FAQ
Novell FAQ


National Association of Photoshop Professionals
Photoshop Roadmap


Dynamic Drive
Rob van der Woude's Scripting Pages

 WEB Hosting

 WEB Schools 

HTML Writers Guild
JavaScript Kit
W3 Schools
Web Design Library
Web Source
Web Wiz Guide
WebRightNow Web Design Resource for Beginners

 WEB Miscellany 

HTML Reference Library
Internet Archive
Convert Host/Domain Name to IP Address and vice versa
W3C HTML Validation Service
Domain Direct
Internic Whois
Network Solutions
Network Solutions' Whois Lookup
webpage design for designers
Web Tool Central online webmaster toolkit
West Bay Web - e-mail address encoder
WhoIsNot - domain names

 Windoze Miscellany
Windows 2000 Keyboard Shortcuts
Repairing Windows XP
Windows Sysinternals Also
Troubleshooting Windows XP

 Download Sites
ZDNet downloads


AnandTech Freeware Utilities
pctools Secure Password Generator

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