These graphics are of emoticons that may be used while posting on many websites. One would simply enter the appropriate text and the icon would appear to the reader. For example, use [smile] or [:)] to get a smile

[smile] [:)]
[bigsmile] [:D]
[cool] [8D]
[evil] [}:)]
[wink] [;)]
[disapprove] [V]
[question] [?]
[clown] [:o)]
[frown] [:(]
[shy] [8)]
[shocked] [:O]
[angry] [:(!]
[dead] [xx(]
[sleepy] [|)]
[kisses] [:X]
[approve] [^]

Oh, I don't use emoticons here - I just like the graphics

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Some more emoticon images that I like:

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And some other images that I like: